Our favourite spring summer 2011 fashion trends

Hello hello!

What a day…are you too surrounded by spring?

Among all the trends seen on the catwalks for this

coming season the one we like the most is the

tropical-inspired one.


 We love the gorgeous floreal prints in Mother Nature’s

 colours, won’t they make you feel like you are strolling

 on a sandy beach in an exotic paradise?

Trend no. 2 absolutely not to be missed: the maxi dresses.

Ok, this is not totally new, as we have seen the look one too many times before, but the spring summer 2011maxi dress is super sheer, super light, and super long…a bit ’70s in fact…

Yes! The ’70s are yet another strong inspiration

 for the summer, although it’s more of a sophisticated look than a funky ‘flower power’ one.

So kiss your old skinny jeans goodbye and start thinking

 about high waist wide-leg pants, really high platforms,and geometrical prints. Add to it long flowing hair and…

… here you go, you have the perfect look for the summer!


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