A bit of myself just for myself

Some times life gets crazy busy. Work, meetings, family, emails, kids, phone calls, friends, shopping…you name it!  All of this can go out of control and consume your time and your thoughts, living  you exhausted and unsatisfied. This is why is absolutely necessary for you to keep a space for yourself and just for yourself. A space not to be given away, not to be disclosed, not to be shared.


A space where you can look at things peacefully , where you can rebalance, relax and recharge your batteries to start tomorrow a fresh, new day.

I am talking about space here, but I could have said time, passion , topics. Whatever it is, it has to be yours and only yours. It could be a place you love and no one knows, a walk in the park, your daily beauty session in the bathroom, an hour at the gym, a secret, a fantasy, a mayor project in your mind, your lifetime dream, or why not, simply your weekly shopping therapy….Just let it be something for which you can say: “This is a bit of myself just for myself”. Try it out…it will work magic!



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