Eolie Islands, Italy: the seven sea pearls

Summer is not over yet, right? Among all the possible destinations for a late summer holiday, have you ever thought about the Eolie Islands, in Southern Italy? I think it will definitely be a good choice for your eyes, mind and spirit. Perfect not only during the hottest months of July and August, but in September too, when the air is fresher yet you can still enjoy the sea.

The volcanic Eolie islands are called the seven pearls of the Mediterranean sea because of their spectacular beauties and enchanted landscapes.


There is a lot to choose from: Panarea, the place to be if glamour, fun and night life are what you are looking for; Vulcano with its natural lake of  hot mud; Lipari, known for its white stones called pumice; Salina; Stromboli, famous for its amazing sunsets, and then Alicudi and Filicudi, probably the most unspoiled and most beautiful ones.

Getting there is easy, going back home will be hard!  What else to say? Now just pack your bag with all you favorite summer clothes, shoes, bags, hats, and all trendy accessories…  get ready to feel like a real goddess in a natural paradise!

(By Alessia Capone)


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