I love trench coats!

Can’t wait for autumn to kick in so that I can start wearing my trench coat! I believe trench coats are really wonderful, definitely a must-have every woman needs in her closet…

burberry-spring-summer -2013(Burberry Spring Summer 2013 Collection at London Fashion Week)

It’s an evergreen article of clothing and it’s very unique. Perfect at any time of the day, you can wear it with almost everything.

Weird destiny: created for the army, trench coats ended up on the world’s most famous fashion runways! Excellent for protecting from humidity, the first trench coats were in fact ordered to Burberry by the British army as an item of equipment.

Trench coats became fashionable thanks to many famous movies…Unforgettable the one wore by Audrey Hepburn in ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, which is actually my favourite trench coat ever!

Although Burberry is, no doubts, still the best and most well known designer when it comes to trench coats, there are other more affordable options by many different brands, and in different colours too!


Don’t hesitate to wear this stylish piece….Whatever you ‘ll wear underneath, a dress, a suite, a pair of trousers, high hills or even ballerina flats, as long as you have a trench coat on, you will feel and look like a movie star!

Alessia Capone


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