Bring on the camo!

I don’t think I need  to tell you how much camouflage prints are in fashion right now, surely you must have already heard that.  Army style is one of the main trends for this coming season,  although it is definitely not the first time that camo prints rise  from second-hand shops to high street fashion. Unfortunately camouflage prints are not so easy to wear, and don’t look good on everyone…In fact, beside being obviously very masculine, any camo prints can  easily tone down the rest of your outfit. This is the reason why the best way to wear camo is to  dress it up with a nice and elegant pair of heels. I also like the idea of combining army style with neutrals or delicate colours , like pale pink, and balancing the look with something very  feminine, like a short skirt. Last but not least, always use accessories to soften your army look; any gold accessory will match camouflage prints perfectly. Here you go,  now you are ready for the military trend … camo with no fears!

camo collage




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